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We created sci.AI free platform to support life sciences research. Our computer scientists can apply their expertise to your custom projects.


Search and Knowledge Extraction

  • High Precision Semantic Search for the specific facts across the literature
      Works by finding documents that are semantically similar in meaning to the search query
  • Building actionable graphs of interconnected facts
      Identification unstructured content into a deep semantic structure with relations between terms, facts, methods etc.
  • Knowledge extraction from Grey Literature
      Extracting and standardizing huge amounts of data from unverified, untrusted or unsupported sources to discover information buried within the common knowledge

Text Annotation and Structuring

  • Custom Research Texts Labeling
      Biomedical papers, Lab Notebooks, Grants Application Labeling with Organisms, Organs, Cells, Chemical Elements, Proteins, Drugs, Diseases etc.
      Using open and proprietary ontologies for labeling terms across the text
  • Research Texts Annotation
      Collating a comprehensive gene profile, with key biological annotation from a combination of sources
  • Custom Text Restructuring to XML, RDF, JSON etc.
      Analysis and structuring complex document massive and volumes of data in market research studies covering different industries using various formats

Research Validation

  • Plagiarism Detection
      Validation unstructured or semi-structured data in researches for plagiarism to prove the unique of a research
  • Facts validation with the similar projects
      Validation of methods, trials and facts from a wide-variety of text sources

Pharmaceutical Texts Analysis

  • Patients’ feedback and drug responses analysis
      Insight into patient genotype-phenotype relationships, as well as patient genotype-outcome relationships. A meta-analysis of immunogenicity responses to administered drugs, based on patient genotype
  • Data Curation and Ontology Development
      Metadata reviewing and enhancement of keywords and entities of specific interest
  • Drug repurposing
      Defining potential associations between compounds by a thorough analysis of scientific literature
  • Biomarker discovery
      Hunting for new biomarkers within drug discovery and development
  • Target Genes Identification
      Identifying targets in disease areas of interest and ranking the targets based on safety and benefit factors

Other services

  • Trends identification and analysis
  • Innovation alerts
      Subscription and consultancy services

Products and On-top Consultancy Services

Research Explainer

  • Simplifies reading of a scientific paper and helps to visualize data. Custom reading extensions keep clinicians up-to-date with the latest research. Built-in hints from Wikipedia improve reading comprehension thus democratizing access to the relevant academic results.

Consultancy and Trainings

  • Consultancy services and Trainings

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