Digital Science Webinar:
Scientific Research in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

On May 24th, Digital Science hosted the webinar devoted to AI technologies for scientific applications.

Roman, Systems Architect at sci.AI, opened the webinar with a brief overview of AI and General intelligence and what unites them; explained principles of a perceptron as a basic computational unit inspired by a human’s neuron; and told about major types of learning with help of pink cats, Hatico, and Mario. Also, you will see an example of machine reasoning implementation based on sci.AI, that infers biological pathways based on global research communication.

All speakers:
Jeffrey Ng, Chief Scientist at Founders Factory
Doug Raymond, General Manager for Semantic Scholar, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO and co-founder of Iris AI
Roman Gurinovich, CEO at Xpansa and Systems Architect at sci.AI.
– Led by Cameron Shepard and Steve Scott from Digital Science.
You can watch the whole webinar here:


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